Monthly Archives: July 2014

DMN: The Origin

Before moving forward with publishing all my past DMNs to my site, I thought it might be helpful to share the background of why we started with our Disney Movie Nights, and why the dollar store emphasis.   I’ve always loved parties; going to parties, hosting parties but most of all planning parties. My nickname […]

DMN: Aladdin

June is my brother in law Chris’ birthday month so he got to choose the movie for Disney Movie Night. His first time to sing in public was with his childhood BFF Erin to A Whole New World, so Aladdin holds a special place in his heart. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s one awesome animated feature, […]

DMN: Mulan

It’s August in Shreveport.  It’s hot.  It’s humid-triple digits people. No woman in her right mind wants to turn on her oven; and after cooking a whole turkey for Christmas in July – in July, I wasn’t making that mistake again. My house was 80 degrees y’all. You know what Santa brings you for Christmas […]

DMN: Toy Story

It’s hard to follow up DMN: Aladdin when you had incredible food, cocktails, an awesome tablescape and a HOOKAH, so I knew I had to do something fun and completely different to not have a huge DMN slump. Enter Toy Story, the first Disney/Pixar collaboration and one that my generation remembers going to the movies […]